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III international conference The reading culture of the young generation was held on October 16-17, 2014 in the seat of Museum of the City of Lodz, a former representative residence of factory owner, Izrael Kalmanowicz Poznański, and his family


Conference held by:

The Chair of the Library and Information Science of the University of Lodz

Museum of the City of Lodz


Commemorative photos:



foto: M. Antczak (UŁ), B. Szafrańska (MMŁ)


Conference team:

The originator of the conference series / Chairperson of the substative and organizing committee:
Mariola Antczak, Prof.

Substantive committee:
Bronisława Woźniczka-Paruzel, Prof., Elżbieta Barbara Zybert, Prof., Jadwiga Konieczna, Prof.,
Alicja Mazan-Mazurkiewicz, Ph. D.,  Adam Mazurkiewicz, Ph. D, Agata Walczak-Niewiadomska, Ph. D.

Secretary of the conference:
Agata Walczak-Niewiadomska, Ph. D.

Organizing committee:
Magdalena Przybysz-Stawska, Prof., Zbigniew Gruszka, Ph. D., Beata Szczepańska, Ph. D., Agata Walczak-Niewiadomska, Ph. D., Martyna Augustyniak M.A., Paula Gamus, Tomasz Kochelski, M.A., Thomas Sommer, 

Graphic design of visual identity, running the website:
Tomasz Kochelski, M.A.


The aims of the conference:

  • the review and the assessment of the research on certain aspects of the childrens' and adolescents' reading culture at the beginning of the twenty-first century,
  • the review and the assessment of the research on the impact of media on the formation of the younger generation reading culture,
  • the discussion on the competitiveness of the new media to the books,
  • the analysis of the contacts between children and youth with a book and media,
  • exchanging experiences in the practical use of the modern technologies and the forms and methods of work with children and youth,
  • the impact of modern technologies on the stimulation of the reading interests,
  • the overview of the practices of different types of libraries in the organization of the festivals promoting books and reading,
  • the overview of the libraries and media activities initiating and developping the reading culture of the children with disabilities, and also with dislexia and disorthographia,
  • the review of the current status and opportunities in the library interior design for children's library in the popularisation the cultural and the educational activities in the environment,
  • the discussion on the potential use of academic libraries in promoting the reading culture in school-age children,
  • the overview of the ideas and experiences in the use of the Internet for promoting reading interests and tastes,
  • the inspiration for further scientific research on the culture of children and youth readership


Programme / Authors / Abstracts

| THE VOLUME OF THE CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS | Polish and English in parallel



| REPORT | Polish only


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