conference - 2018


Reading culture of the young generation

Lodz, 24-25 September, 2018


We invite you to participate in the next meeting of researchers and practitioners from around the world - forum for exchanging ideas, which presents the current state of the reading culture of children and youth and its good practices. The international dimension of the conference facilitates global perspective on issues of its object and enables the exchange of reflection, insights and experiences.


International scientific conference "Reading culture of the young generation" is a series of meetings with established tradition, which combine theoretical reflections with the presentation of teachers and librarians' good practices. Subsequent editions of the conference are a continuation of meetings Reading and storytelling in theory and practice (2010) and The child in the world of book and media (2012). Since the third edition, which took place in 2014, the conference is held under the name Reading culture of the young generation.


The conference is organized by the Informatology and Bibliology Department, University of Lodz and the Museum of the City of Lodz. Cooperation between academic institution with institution of a historical and educational profile inspires to combine theoretical discourse with the presentation of teachers, librarians, teachers and educators' good practices. An additional advantage for the participants are the historic interiors of the Poznanski's palace, one of the most recognizable buildings of the city of Lodz, which every two years becomes the venue of the conference, as well as a museum tour included in the program.


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